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Hi, And welcome to my blog!

You will find out that I have many intrests. I have written a bit about the environment and plants. But lately there is a lot about drawing the way I did as a child. Take that freedom to snoop around a bit here and ask if you have any questions!

Trying new things..

Hello. How are you? Now I’ve been drawing a lot lately. There has been a sudden jump mentally. And I start drawing while I am talking to people, I draw while watching movies and I imagine how I am going to draw the lines when I close my eyes. I never thought it would comeFortsett å lese «Trying new things..»

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Check out the self watering system for windowboxes. I have really opened my eyes to self-watering systems because I always forget to water 😛 I think this one looks super and is considering buying it myself ❤ if you want to check it out just click the picture below. I think its a good price 😀

I’m developing

Those who have followed me from posts that I publised earlier, know that I have been in a process of rediscovering my passion for drawing and painting. I have not painted anything yet, but I have worked with drawings. I have also gone back to basic techniques to make sure that I remember these things.Fortsett å lese «I’m developing»

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