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Hi, And welcome to my blog!

You will find out that I have many intrests. I have written a bit about the environment and plants. But lately there is a lot about drawing the way I did as a child. Take that freedom to snoop around a bit here and ask if you have any questions!

Christmas collection

Christmas collection

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Check out the self watering system for windowboxes. I have really opened my eyes to self-watering systems because I always forget to water 😛 I think this one looks super and is considering buying it myself ❤ if you want to check it out just click the picture below. I think its a good price 😀

From Denmark to German:

– End Day 2 and into Day 3 This is how over last post ended: This will not be the longest post. The trip over to Denamark went so smooth and it was in environments that we were familiar too. Sweden, Denmark and Norway has alot of similar culture and perspectiv how they want theirFortsett å lese «From Denmark to German:»

The interail trip

Hi. Today I want to talk about a trip I took with my kids in 2019. Since I am a singel mother we do not have the posibility to travel to far places. We have our cabin, which is a beautiful place for the children to spend their vacations. And with no doubt; makes themFortsett å lese «The interail trip»

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